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How Do I Make My Campsite More Homey?

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Camping isn’t just about roughing it. With a little foresight and planning, you can have a great time and make your camping experience more homey too. Here are some tips on how to go beyond the basics and make your camp site feel more like an extension of your home.
When you’re camping, you want to relax and enjoy the surroundings as much as possible. That means leaving worries at home, keeping things clean and tidy, and making sure that everything feels welcoming. Some of the most important things to remember when planning for homey camping include lighting, privacy, sanitation, comfortability, accessibility, sustainability, cost effectiveness, durability, repairability (what if you need repairs in future?) and resale value.


Camping is dark by nature. Solar-powered lights are the perfect solution for this, as they provide light throughout the day and night. However, if you want to ensure that your camping experience is as homey and welcoming as possible, Boveda packs can be an excellent way to keep things lit up at all hours of the day.
The key to creating an inviting campsite is lighting. Camping in places like the desert or mountains means that there’s less light than in cities, which makes it harder for people to feel comfortable outside their tents at night. You can combat this issue by using solar-powered lights or a lantern with LED bulbs.


Camping can be a great place for privacy, but it’s also a time for being social. Camping is one of the few activities that people have to spend time with their friends and family without having to worry about work or child care. That means there are going to be times when you want to get your own space and times when you want to relax and share company.
Privacy at your campsite should include both personal and shared spaces. You want the kitchen, sanitary facilities, and gathering areas to all feel private because these are places where people will usually hang out in groups of two or three. However, you want other areas of your camp site that might be more communal like the fire pit or table area, or the tent area (where you set up camp) to feel more like a public place.


When you’re camping, you have to remember that every time you leave your campsite, or even just walk around the area, you are going to be touching everything. The first step in making your camp site feel more homey is keeping it clean and tidy so you don’t spread potential germs. Always wash your hands with soap before eating or cooking and don’t forget to dispose of the used soap in a sanitary manner. In addition, make sure to always clean up after yourself and not just scatter your trash wherever. That includes picking up dog waste too!


Make your camp site as comfortable as possible by choosing a location that is in the shade, finding a spot on the ground that is level (avoid camping on uneven ground) and packing a sleeping bag.


You want your campsite to be as accessible as possible. If you’re planning a backpacking holiday, consider making your campsite easily reachable from a car or public transport.

Sustainable Camping

Sustainability is a key to homey camping. A sustainable camping site will have water, firewood and other resources available for re-use.

Cost Effectiveness

You want to put your money where it counts. Make sure that you’re getting your bang for your buck by considering the cost effectiveness of items you purchase. Instead of spending a lot of money on something that is expensive, but may not be worth it, keep an eye out for items that are cost-effective, yet durable and high quality. For example, instead of buying a new tent every year or two, buy one that is inexpensive yet lasts several years.

Durability and Repairability

Most camping tents are made of lightweight materials that can be easily folded and packed. While this is great for convenience and portability, it’s also easy to damage or destroy. A tent with a strong frame is more durable, but also takes up more space. If you have a smaller tent, consider buying a more durable ground cover like tarp material (for example), which will provide a good amount of protection from the elements and reduce the risk of damage.
If you do decide to buy a sturdy tent make sure to pick one with extra reinforcements so that it can withstand prolonged exposure to the elements and heavy use.
The other thing to consider when choosing the right tent for your needs is the ease of repairability in case something does happen. If you’re worried about whether your tent will last, you should invest in one with reinforced seams, which can be repaired onsite (or at home) if necessary. The same goes for zippers; they need extra reinforcement as well to ensure they don’t break while you’re camping or hiking.

Resale Value

Resale value is the most important factor in figuring out what you should invest your money on when you’re camping. Unlike furniture, you can usually get a second use out of your camping items, so it makes sense to spend more on these items and less on others. Your campsite will be a lot more comfortable than your average campground if you invest in quality outdoor furniture, so that investment is also good for resale value.

Wrapping Up

: How to Create a Homey Camp Site
Here are some tips for creating a homey camping experience. It’s easy to take camping as an opportunity to be self-sufficient, but that doesn’t mean you can’t invest in comfort items and amenities. Take your time designing the perfect campsite with these tips in mind.
Provide lighting. Most people will camp at night, which means having bright lights is important for safety reasons. LED lanterns and battery-operated lights like the Solar Pocket Light are great options that won’t cause you any added weight or expense.
Make sure there is privacy, especially if you have children or pets with you. A wind screen like the Kampa Tent Wind Screen can help keep noise inside your tent while also providing privacy by letting you see through it. It’s also important to make sure that your clothes don’t get tangled up in the fan blades of a fan like the Kampa Wind Diverter Fan Tent Fan when they come out of the dryer (this happens too often). The Kampa Tent Wind Screen solves this problem since its crossbars are spaced far enough apart not to interfere with how fans work. It also provides privacy by blocking light from being seen or heard outside of your tent.
Keep sanitation in mind before pitching your tent, especially if someone has an allergy or sensitivity that requires special care during camping trips. For example, if someone has an allergy to animal


What are some tips for making your camping experience feel more like home?

1. Have a comfy place to sit and relax.

2. Candles/space heaters are great in the tent, but even better in your tent.

3. Buy a camp cot and use it inside the tent if you need more room.

4. Have some music or books you can share (or headphones with your phone).

5. Some of your favourite food is great too!#END

How can you make your camping site feel more private?

Make sure you have a clear idea of what your priorities are for your camping trip. Is it peace and quiet, or are you more interested in being able to cook and socialise? Do you want to be as close as possible to civilisation, or would you prefer to be completely isolated? Once you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can start planning for how to achieve it.

Along with your tent and sleeping bags, make sure you take all the camping utensils and appliances that you will need. Then think about other essentials that can make your camping experience even more comfortable. Think about a small camp stove if cooking is a priority, or bring along your favourite pillow and pillow case. Make sure to pack all of your toiletries in case they’re needed.

Finally, think about how you want your camping site to feel like when you return home at the end of the day. Do you want it to be as nice and relaxing as possible, or would you rather just be able to sleep in your own bed? Figure out what kind of mood you’d like to leave your camping site in, and plan accordingly.

How can you make sure that your camping site is clean and tidy?

There are tons of ways to make your camping site feel more like home. Here are a few ideas to get you started.
First and foremost, lit up the campfire! Nothing beats the sound of crackling wood and the smell of the fire. If you’ve got a fire pit, throw on some marshmallows for s’more-ing!
Light up your tent with some lanterns or a lamp. Turn down the lights and crank up the tunes in your tent it’ll feel like you’re at home.
Have an outdoor kitchen! Your camping site is probably going to be a little duller than your kitchen, but with a little creativity, you can still eat great meals. You can even find portable propane stoves that would work great.
Get some outdoor furniture and put it outside. Seating by the fire pit is always popular, as is having a place to lay out your blanket and have a picnic lunch. If the weather allows, have a beach-themed night in with camp chairs set up on the sand and a picnic table nearby with your food on it.
Make your site feel like home by adding some dֳ©cor and accessories or even playing music in your campsite. Many people find that this helps them relax even more as they settle in for an evening at home on their own turf!

How Do I Make My Campsite More Homey?

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Christopher Perry

Hello everyone! I'm Christopher Perry, an avid lover of nature and a blogger for a hobby. I live in Kent, Ohio with a loving family and they have gotten the love for nature from me - so I hope you will too :)
I love sharing my greeny adventures and my experiences when I go out for my mini-adventures… It’s like they get better when I share the story LOL.

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Hello everyone! I’m Christopher Perry, an avid lover of nature and a blogger for a hobby. I live in Kent, Ohio with a loving family and they have gotten the love for nature from me – so I hope you will too :)

I love sharing my greeny adventures and my experiences when I go out for my mini-adventures… It’s like they get better when I share the story LOL. 

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